About RedditMetis

RedditMetis is a project inspired by u/orionmelt's site SnoopSnoo. Since May 2019, the site no longer updated user info due to an API error. This site was made as an alternative to the now defunct SnoopSnoo site. At its core, this site utilizes a fork of Sherlock, u/orionmelt's user analysis tool created for SnoopSnoo.


Natural language processing using Python NLTK and TextBlob.

Data Visualization using D3.js and ApexCharts.js

Frontend with Bootstrap

Website is hosted on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Data processing code is hosted on AWS Lambda


Special thanks to u/orionmelt for making his code open-source and accessible by the public.

Cookie policy

You can view the cookie policy of RedditMetis here.

Disclaimer: All data analyzed is public. This website is not affiliated with Reddit and cannot access your private reddit data such as your password, subreddit subscriptions, up/downvotes and private subreddit activity.